Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last Friday we decided to go to Yellowstone for Tiffany's birthday and for a little vacation. Here are a few of the highlights:
Lower Falls: beautiful!
Tiffany with Owen hiking down to Lower Falls. I chose not to do the hike as it seemed pretty intense and it was hot.
Buffalo (or bison as Matt insists :P) We saw hundreds of them and about 20 right next to the road.
Us in front of a boiling pool
Owen exploring
Us in front of the lake
I love this pic of Matt and Owen!
Owen ran right up to the water!
Owen had a great time once we got his shoes and shorts off!

And for all you Owen fans: here are a couple videos of Owen entertaining in the car!

note: all photos/videos are copyright Tiffany Mumma. You may order photos from her directly for a small fee.


Vickie Mumma said...

We can hardly wait until your ultrasound tomorrow either! Our guess is one boy and one girl! But we'll love them both no matter what sex they are!!! The pictures are so adorable and we love the videos too! Owen is quite a talker. Miss you all so much!! Love you!

Susan Stephens said...

Funny...I too think a boy and a girl or 2 boys! Can't WAIT to find out all of the details! I'll be by the phone... :0 Mom