Saturday, August 22, 2009

A little (captured) unseen work :)

I was reading another mom talk about how much of the work that she does is "unseen" (of course the Lord sees all we do) but necessary nonetheless. I was kind of laughing as I read her relay this truth with her own sense of humor. Well, this was a little of my unseen work the other day and I was laughing for a long time as I watched and then recalled what had just happened. Becky asked, "You just let this happen?" when she watched this video and my answer is that by the time I caught it there wasn't much more damage that could have happened and it wasn't a discipline issue (he's too little to understand why this might not be best and has never been told not to before) so I enjoyed the few moments of childishness with him.

However, there are some natural consequences to all our actions and his was that he needed to be confined in his jumper for 30 min. while I wiped everything down and scrubbed the carpet.

You might never have known after the fact...

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Vickie Mumma said...

Looks like Owen may be ready for finger paints! Such a precious little boy! He doesn't look too happy in his rainforest jumper!