Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Updates

Just a few little updates

Owen liked his pasta and sauce- and the bath that resulted afterwards.

Roland and Elaine took us to "Periodic Springs" which is a spring that literally comes right out of the mountain! It was beautiful and amazing to see! They did some work on it so people couldn't crawl into the hole where it comes out of (it is a geyser that turns on and off periodically).

Us standing at the foot of the spring.

Owen had fun in the backpack. It really was cold enough that he needed his beanie!

Roland, Matt, and Owen. Roland and his wife Elaine are wonderful, amazing, and awesome- and thankfully for us they come to our church!

Fun videos of Owen playing outside- his favorite thing to do.


Susan Stephens said...

The spaghetti-on-the-face picture is messier than any I've ever taken of anyone...what does that mean? The spring is lovely!

Vickie Mumma said...

Love the back pack with canopy - Owen rides first class! And he sure looks like he loves his spaghetti!