Sunday, April 25, 2010

Water play

We decided to put this video up too.

I realize that I don't write much on here anymore, mainly because I feel like I don't have the time to do much more than upload a picture or video and then be able to walk away and let it upload. I have a lot floating around in my mind that I would love to share- about life in general, about my struggles, things I'm learning, and the goodness of God in our lives. However, it always seems in the moment that sitting and writing wouldn't be the faithful thing to do when there are a lot of "essentials" still left. I wish that I would write more, so that I could look back also.

Anyway, here is a video of Owen playing in the sink while I was nursing Anabel. I didn't get up right away because Anabel still has a hard time sometimes. I feel a bit discouraged as Owen's climbing has increased substantially and I can't keep tabs on him always and his boredom, being a two year old boy, and lack of self-control leads him into destructiveness. He can get over the gate blocking the kitchen which has opened a whole new world of trouble. The fact that the initial fun is usually worth the consequence to him makes it hard- although we try to be as consistent as possible. Anyway, here is a cute video of him getting into the sink. He didn't get in trouble because at this point it was childish rather than disobedient. So I took a video.

Enjoy :)

life in video

Adelyn and daddy

sisters playing

Owen and daddy's nightly rough-housing

Anabel and daddy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life in pics

Adelyn hanging out with daddy

All smiles

Anabel and Owen having snuggle time

Playing with play-doh

The end of this batches' life


Different girls, different binkies

What Owen does with his free time while mama nurses

Anabel's first solids (sorry its tilted)

She ate it like a champ. Sometimes she seems really hungry after nursing and since she is four months now I thought she might need that little boost. I only give it to her when she seems hungry- so there is no set pattern yet. Adelyn seems fine on milk alone. Interesting note: although Adelyn is much bigger than Anabel she eats less- I think it is because Anabel is always wiggling that she is leaner and hungrier.

warmer days mean POPSICLES!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Four month stats

weight: 12 lb 3 oz (25th percentile)
height: 25" (75th percentile)

weight: 10 lb 7 oz (3rd percentile)
height: 23.5" (25th percentile)

Doctor says they are both doing great! I am not surprised that Adelyn is starting to get taller than Anabel. Her hands and feet dwarf Anabel's so I thought she would be a taller girl. Anabel has been exclusively nursing now (no bottles) for a month and a half and gaining weight well. I feel a huge relief that we seem to be done with any nursing troubles! Praise God!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Where did he learn those hand signs?


After almost three years of marriage we finally purchased our cd of pics from the photographer. I picked out a few to put up and thought I'd share some too- it just made me feel all lovey dovey again :). I decided that it is good to review wedding pics frequently- just a good reminder of the vows we made and our commitment to love each other.


There is an event going on at the Happily Domestic blog that is pretty cool- a boy's event. She did a girl's event where there was a lot of giveaways but I didn't enter because it was right after the girls were born. I obviously don't have much- or any- time for blog surfing but have been really encouraged and enlightened in some ways so I kind of check her out here and there. She is a believer too. Here's a link:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Crib Challenges

I posted earlier about Owen getting out of his crib. The solution was to tie a sheet on it to keep him in. This is how he got out of that one:

The solution to that problem was to get an old sheet and pierce holes in it and tie it to the crib with rope in about 10 places. A week or so later he came running into our room when he was supposed to be in his crib. This is what we found:

Yes, he ripped a hole in it.

This is our new solution. (We can zip him up in it.) I'll keep you updated :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another photo shoot

a little too cute to handle