Saturday, August 15, 2009

California Time

Owen and I had a great time going to California for Amy's wedding and to see family a few weeks back. I have been bad about updating so here is a brief (or not so brief) overview in pictures!!

Tehachapi (my parents): I realized that with having so much fun I didn't actually take pics with everyone- so sorry!
Visiting with Great Grandma Flagler (my mom's mom) from whom Owen's blue eyes originated.
Telling her all about it.
First time in the pool with Uncles Logan and Andre
Trying to keep him better balanced... it kind of worked :)
Having a great time with Grandma
Everyone having a great time in the bath (and I had a great time getting wet outside of the bath)!!
Andre being very protective and nurturing with Owen (which he was our entire visit).

Amy and Greg's wedding: beautiful, encouraging, and so Christ-centered! I am so excited for them!
The cute couple!
The beautiful bride!
Waiting for Amy!

Oxnard: (Matt's parents)

Owen wasn't into the ocean one bit in the beginning (the waves come quick, are big, and loud)! I was trying to show him it wasn't scary- still hesitant.
Getting used to the sand- he wasn't super into the feel of it at first
Still getting used to the whole idea
Owen starting to hink that the ocean is great, wonderful, and exciting!!
My pregnant belly- 15 weeks! I grew!
He loved the elephants. This is one of the only pictures we got where he wasn't turned all the way around looking at them and we could get a picture!!
Grandma Mumma helping him ride an elephant!
Hanging out with Grandpa Mumma!
Hanging out with Great Grandpa and Grandma Mumma!
Hanging out with Great Grandpa and Grandma Black!
Playing fetch (or more like keep-away) with the dogs!


Susan Stephens said...

You really got some great pictures. I can't believe how much your tummy grew...almost visibly bigger day by day.

Rebecca said...

oh my gosh, those pics of owen in the tub with your brothers are HILARIOUS! i've never seen him look so spastic

Vickie Mumma said...

The pictures are so fun! Love the bath tub smile!!
Love you all!