Friday, February 25, 2011

The tower

Matt just took this video and it was so cute in person I just had to share. Owen was building a fairly large tower and Anabel kept going back and forth delivering blocks to him. We got the tail end of it but over and over she would deliver a block, laugh, and then Owen would say, "Thank you!".

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A few of the good ones

Somebody is walking!

Another concert. He grabbed a couple of colored pencils and had at it!

Nothing out of the ordinary. Just some normal cuteness!

Some more pics

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some pics

A nightly routine. Dad, Owen, and per Owen's request: a "big" pile of books :) And as for Matt's funny outfit it is actually a pair of pajamas that is fully body with a goofy little flap on the back that says "bear bottom" and a picture of a bear :) p.s. I didn't fully get permission to post this... but I guess you can't actually see it :)

My little sweetheart (Adelyn)

My little beach beauty (and a sweetheart too)! (Anabel)

An beautiful early morning view with a full moon

Sometimes it is fun to remember the mundane. A normal day's end. It was really all in order only a few short hours before!

Free Concert

Owen loves music. He often comes up with dance moves whose origination is a mystery to me (like in these videos). He often will get a toy that plays music and his drum and once he has played the music will drum to the beat. He is a constant source of laughter in our home :). I also love how he so carefully puts his guitar "back" like he sees done at church!

A morning walk

Anabel is a real walker now. She is so cute and tiny that it amazes me every time she does it. However, she is fully on the move! She can stand up unassisted, prefers to walk as opposed to her knees or crawling, and can pivot 360 degrees. My little girl!

In case you didn't catch it Owen very sweetly says, "Walk to me!" and then says "Good girl!". He really is so thoughtful and sweet!