Friday, October 2, 2009

Summer's Gone, Winter's Coming!

Tuesday marked the end of summer and the coming of winter to many of us here in Jackson. It was the first of many coming snowfalls. The sudden drop in temperature was a big shock. Monday was the last of a string of days where the high was 72. Tuesday's high was 37. The mountaintops have a nice dusting, which looks very pretty contrasted to the orange and yellows of the valley floor.

Owen didn't let the cold weather hinder his love for playing outside. He stood at the gate leading downstairs saying "side" and signing "please" like he does often now. We got bundled up and he got to wear his new down jacket for the first time. Coming inside was still a struggle although his nose and little fingers were just about frozen.

We won't have to bundle up everyday for awhile still, but shorts and t-shirts will definitely be replaced with warmer pants and long-sleeves. All in all, I'm excited for the change. I'm ready to take Owen out and throw him in a few feet of snow like I do on our unmade bed now. I know though that once again in April I'll be excited that it is melting. That is one of the great beauties of this place- change of seasons!


Vickie Mumma said...

Beautiful! Looks like Owen still enjoys his wagon. He looks so cute all bundled up to play outside.

Susan Stephens said...

What a beautiful place you live! Owen has such a look of merriment in his eyes. Love youse, M.