Monday, September 28, 2009

Some free diaper giveaways!!

So, upon entering this new cloth diapering world I've come across some ways in which to enter to win free diapers! I finally decided that I would blog about the giveaways periodically because 1) it helps my chances of winning and 2) it will be a good resource for any of my friends who do (or will) cloth diaper their kiddos- because they can enter to win too. Here goes :)

1) Diaper Discussions is giving away a Hybrid Pocket AIO diaper. This diaper looks pretty cool since it is an all-in-one diaper (no stuffing required) but that you can actually add an insert if you need extra absorbency. They come in lots of cool colors too! Click here to get to the giveaway!!

2) The Cloth Diaper Whisperer (Through Kelly's Closet) is giving away two (2) BabyKicks One-Size Bumboo Pocket Diapers with two (2) Joey Bunz Inserts. I hear that the inserts these diapers come with are incredible as they are super absorbent yet trim too (they are made with hemp). The diaper is new to Kelly's Closet but seems like it would be an incredible diaper as it is made with snaps (durable) and one size (cost effective). I'm excited to possibly win and try this diaper!! Click here to get to the giveaway!
3) Cloth Diaper Tips is giving away six (6)!!! bumgenius 3.0 cloth diapers. That is incredible!! These are the diapers that we bought first to use with Owen and which he wears most often (we only have two other kinds that I bought to see if I like for the twins). These diapers are awesome in so many ways and have really held up well. Click here to get to the giveaway!

4) The First Time Around blog is giving away a lot of things. Click on the links to get to the giveaways. 1) See Kai Run: the winner wins a pair of these great shoes of their choice from the See Kai Run website. 2) Wet happened? Wet bag: the winner gets a free travel size wet bag. These are great to put dirty cloth diapers or anything wet in while out on the go. You can also go to the company's website- Let's Go Strolling. 3) Fuzzi Bunz os diapers: the winner receives three of these diapers! Company's website: Fuzzi bunz 4) Snap-Ez Eco diaper: the winner receives one of these diapers! They look pretty cool. Company website: Snap-Ez