Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Girls!!

So, I'm sure anyone who would read my blog has already heard that we found out that it looks like "most definitely" both little babies are girls! My doctor flew in from Salt Lake City and I was his first appointment and he was a bit late so another lady (I'm not sure exactly what her title would be) who was real sweet started the ultrasound. First things first she wanted to find out the sex. So she went to Twin A and said, "That looks like a girl"; then on to Twin B and, "That looks like a girl too!" She said it so quickly and looked so quickly that I wasn't sure if that was the final call or not. I was so shocked because I just wasn't expecting two girls! I asked again and then maybe another time and she gave me a good look and yep, definitely looks like girls ;)! The doctor arrived and confirmed that judgement and that was that! I really appreciated having such an experienced doctor there who really knows what he is doing. He had dealt with many, many multiples. He confirmed everything that my regular ob/gyn had said which comforted me quite a bit. We were told one of the little girls (Twin A) has part of what goes along with her kidneys (I obviously wasn't quite sure what he was talking about) is more dilated than it should be. I could go away on its own but if not she may need to be on antibiotics when she's born and possibly have surgery. The doctor said that this problem would be the one I would pick if I could pick problems and the it is nothing for me to worry about now. It will not harm her a bit now and will just be something to work on if it is not resolved later. He said everything else looks great!

After the appointment Matt and I went to Hagen Dazs to celebrate and enjoyed our little secret for about 30 min until we started calling friends/family :). As the reality of what we'd been told started to sink in we kept getting more and more excited. We went by a nearby baby store to do our first girl shopping as part 2 of our celebration but stopped short as onesies were $48!! (Welcome to Jackson!) I'm just so thrilled and thankful at the idea of having two sweet little girls and think that it couldn't be any more perfect. Matt also said today that he's sad they are going to grow up and get married. I kind of smiled and asked if he is sad Owen will get married one day (he has always talked about that with excitement) and he said not as much. Something about daddies and little girls!!

I do have ultra-sound pictures but don't have the time now to put them up- but they will come soon!

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Vickie Mumma said...

We are so thrilled about the little girls! God has really blessed our family with Owen and now 2 girls! We can hardly wait to see you all again and hold Owen and the twins! Love, MOM M.