Saturday, September 26, 2009


I had an appointment with my perinatologist on September 15 and have some fun ultrasounds to show from it! Sorry I didn't get them up earlier ;). The nurse who took these photos was a different nurse than the last two times and this nurse tends to prefer the profile shots over faces, feet, arms, and legs. I find that I do also :). The first two pics are of baby A and the third is baby B. I think you can really tell a difference in their noses and faces in general in these pictures. The doctor said that he couldn't be more pleased with how they look and how they are growing! I was so thankful to hear that! I also am super thankful to have good insurance as I found out that every appointment I have with the perinatologist cost $2500+!!!! I can't hardly even believe it! I am supposed to have that appointment ever 4 weeks or so in addition to regular appointments. The perinatologist (or Paleontologist as Becky calls him) has to fly in from Salt Lake City- so that is a part of it!

As of this Thursday I am 24 weeks!! The time has just flown by! I am starting to feel very, very big (still a long way to go) and more tired- but thankfully good overall! I think my belly looks similar to the 24 week illustration below which is a bit scary because as the illustrations progress it starts getting pretty huge!!

Owen has been growing up so much and it seems like every day he is turning more and more into a little boy. He loves his toy cars which now have life and sound as everything in the house is a possible runway. He crawls into my lap often signing "please" with a book in hand. His understanding has grown a ton and I am amazed at how much he understands.

The little sneaky got a couple tomatoes we picked in the greenhouse when I wasn't looking (okay I admit I was not paying attention while reading the paper) and I felt a little wetness and looked up and he was happily smashing the tomatoes together with juices and seeds squirting everywhere. I laughed.

The tomato video and then just fun video. Ahhh look at how big he is getting!! But he sure is cute!!
Haha when I watch these videos again I realized that I sounded a little grossed out after he threw the tomato in the trash. Well, what you can't really see is that I had just swept and the tomato had hair and dirt all over it which just stuck to his wet hands. It was actually really gross in real life. The second video although he's super cute and happy he keeps pooping- which is funny, but not what I was going for :). Well, here you get to see a little bit of real life!!

There has been a lot of outreach opportunities also with the church which we are really thankful for. Matt has been tag-team teaching a "Strengthening Your Relationships" class on Tuesday nights which has been offered to the community. We advertised in the paper and through fliers. It is a class designed to basically give a biblical foundation for relationships and help people to strengthen them (hence the title :). It is geared to believers and unbelievers alike with a strong gospel focus. It is really exciting as people have been coming and it has been a long anticipated event for our church.

We are also going to have two "community days" in October where on Oct 4 we are offering to do any household chores people may have and on Oct 10 we are passing out free firewood which we will cut and split. A Master's College team is coming out for Outreach Week which we are really thankful and excited for. They will be here from the 3rd through the 10th and help us with community day and with getting the wood to give out.


Susan Stephens said...

You posted a lot!! Thank you :)
You ARE growing, Momma. The face pics are really very good. Baby B resembles you a bit before you saw Dr. Tadej (don't hate me). If she turns out half as beautiful as you she'll be blessed. What a cool Mom you are to let Owen play ball with tomatoes! Please don't let him show L & A. The 2nd video wasn't anywhere on the blog.

Susan Stephens said...

When I went back to the site the video was up. Sammy, L & A watched both videos and loved them! I know how Owen feels about how hard it can be to find privacy. What a cute video!!!

Vickie Mumma said...

What a beautiful boy! Can't believe how big Owen is getting! Thanks for the wonderful pictures and videos. How fun it is to see him making messes with the tomatoes. Priceless moments to treasure! And it's so amazing to see the twins growing too! They will be here before you know it. Can't wait to see you all!