Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We were blessed with the shocking news of finding out that I am pregnant with twins! Wow! We are very excited and I am still looking at the ultrasound frequently to remind myself that it really is true! Here are the pics that we have. They aren't perfect as I took a picture with the camera but still you can see the little monkeys in there!

This is a clear picture of the two little babies side by side. You can see they are in different sacs. They're so cute! We could see their little hearts beating and the one on the left was moving quite a bit!

This is "Twin B".

This is "Twin A".

This is another shot of them both but it is not as clear.

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Susan Stephens said...

Its obvious there are awesome to see them! You've done a lot of work updating your blog. I appreciate it. Love you, Mom