Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Funny Owen Sayings

So, earlier today I was holding Owen and talking out-loud as I went through the kitchen to see what things I needed to re-stock on before my grocery trip. I must have been smacking a little bit each time I paused because as I put Owen down to look in the freezer he too was looking in the freezer and saying, "datadamanata- smack- machatadada- smack- ..." It was the funniest thing I just couldn't stop laughing as he was imitating/mocking me. It's crazy the things they pick up on and the ways they learn about life through us.

Also, he started to say "horse" (in a way that you'd have to become accustomed to recognizing) and pointing every time he would see the horses out the window that are in the back pasture. We went out yesterday to see/pet them again as he was just so excited every time he saw them through the window. When he was close to them he just kept laughing and pointing. The owner told me that I could "jump on them" anytime I wanted to but since there is no halter here and I'm Mrs. Prego I've opted to just pet :).

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