Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Evangelism quote

This is a great quote from a godly man.

" Clarity with the claims of Christ certainly will include the translation of the gospel into words that our hearer understands, but it doesn’t necessarily mean translating it into words that our hearer will like. Too often, advocates of relevant evangelism verge over into being advocates of irrelevant nonevangelism. A gospel that in no way offends the sinner has not been understood." -Mark Dever

Thanks Eric for sending us this!


Vickie Mumma said...

What a beautiful poem! I know Matt will cherish that always. Matt is such a wonderful dad (even if he is my son!) And Sera, you are a wonderful mom too! Love you all, Mom M.

Vickie Mumma said...

Actually, the above comment was meant for the section with the Father's Day Poem and pictures.