Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Things

In the way of getting new and fun things we have had a big week. In actuality, we had a big week through Owen. Owen officially grew out of his infant seat. The weight limit goes up to 22 lbs and we are barely squeezing him in there. Since we drive on ice the majority of the time now we figured that safety was a big deal. We decided to get him the Britax Boulevard seat. It was a bit more expensive but it is one of the safest seats and the weight limit goes up to 65 lbs. (most others only go up to 40 lbs.) so in the long run we won't have to buy him another seat as soon (if at all). He seems to like it better than his infant seat and didn't fuss a bit.

Owen also finally got his big Christmas present from us. We ordered it from Toys R Us in time to get here for Christmas but it got lost in the mail. So, he is now a Radio Flyer boy. He loves being dragged around in his wagon around the house. When it stops snowing like crazy outside we are going to take him on a little walk. His favorite thing about it is the sound toys make when they get banged against the metal part.

We've been blessed to so far only have had to buy diapers 3-4 times for Owen. However, we have been thinking about switching to cotton diapers to save money and because we see how much we have to throw away. I started researching awhile ago but was overwhelmed and confused by all the options. After much research and talking to moms we ventured out and bought four bum genius 3.0 diapers to try them. They seem like they will be pretty great. They fit kids from 5-35 lbs. so we will only have to buy one kind for Owen and use them again if the Lord blesses us with more kids. They work just like a disposable diaper (no folding, velcro straps) but that you can wash. I'll keep you updated with how all that works out when we get them in the mail :).

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Vickie Mumma said...

Owen looks like a little Gerber Baby sitting up in his new wagon! Love it! Glad he likes his new
"big boy" car seat! Love, Mom M.