Sunday, July 31, 2011

Owen's Sayings

I have a document on my computer titled "Owen's Sayings". I try to type up all the funny things Owen says. It is by no means exhaustive but is my feeble attempt to try to grasp this special age for a bit longer. Here is this month's sayings.

7/2/11 – We got ice cream and were on our way home and daddy told you that you had to take a shower and you said that you wanted to take your ice cream in the shower. When we laughed and told you that you were silly you replied, “Oh, it will get wet?”

7/5/11- I told you that your friend Jake was going to come over (Jake Hintz) and you replied, “Jacob and Esau?” I laughed and we moved on. However, you continued to bring it up so I elaborated and told you that it is a different Jacob than the one in the bible. You replied, “Oh, oh. A different bible, a new bible?”

7/9/11- Owen's take on life after coming in from an outside adventure: "Mosquito bites bite but ladybugs do not bite. Butterflies are hard to catch, and dragonflies are hard to catch.”

7/15ish/11 Dad: “Owen, should mommy and daddy kiss?”

Owen: “No, that’s gross!”

7/24/11- Owen: "Mommy, can we go to the park?"

Me: "No, I'm sorry, Anabel is sick. So we can't go."

Owen: "Oh, you can give her medicine so we can go to the park?" and then later "I think Anabel is better now. We can go to the park!"

7/31/2011 Owen woke up soaked with pee after a diaper leak.

Me: Owen, do you have pee-pee? Oh! You have lots of pee-pee!

Owen: No, I only have one pee-pee!


Vickie Mumma said...

Oh Sera, thanks for sharing those precious stories with us! How awesome you write them down to remember forever! Please keep sharing them!

Susan Stephens said...

Those are great, especially the 7/31 entry :) You know how much I have enjoyed sharing your sayings!!!