Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our New "Little Man"

Our neighbor made her little girls some really cute rag dolls and Owen got an opportunity to play with one yesterday. Then he decided when we had to give it back that he wanted one too. So, I looked for some free patterns online and he picked out the fabric he wanted from my scraps.

Since it was family night last night and I was alone for the evening because Matt and Owen camped in the backyard

I decided that I would spend it blessing Owen with his new "Little Man". I finished him this morning and handed him to Owen- sans the tie. He said, "Thank you, Momma!" and threw him into a crumpled little mess on the floor. I had wanted to make him a tie all along and took my opportunity. With the new tie Owen exclaimed, "He is going to go work at the bank!" All of a sudden it was a daddy-like "Little Man" and he couldn't put him down. This kid loves himself some daddy

Now meet "Little Man"

He was my first sewing project where I followed a pattern and I was a bit nervous- but it was fairly simple and I think he turned out great. Now I have to hold back because I want to make a million of these for everyone I know. You, yes you, might be getting one for Christmas :)

If you want to experience the sheer joy of your own little rag doll you can go here. Or you could wait for Christmas.


Vickie Mumma said...

Sera, you and Matt are amazing! First, father and son spending precious time together camping and you taking your time to make this adorable "little man!" What a weekend you have had! What a joy to see our grandchildren being raised by such amazing and wonderful parents! Are the girls going to get "little women" rag dolls?!

Susan Stephens said...

We would be delighted to sign up for 2! Logan's should look like a truck'n trailer driver and Andre's could be a strong man. We like their dark complexion too!