Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Owen does when mommy sleeps

(by Matt)

This morning I got Owen out of his crib and gave him some breakfast. Sera was still sleeping when I came in the room and told her that I was leaving for work and that Owen was eating. She does not remember any of it. (Anabel was up for 2 1/2 hours during the night- that is why she was so tired.) That was at about 7:40. At 8:10 she says that she awoke to find Owen holding the camera saying "I take a picture." In reality he had already taken the following video of her sleeping- without her even budging- and was going for more! He then goes out and climbs on the counter to eat the ginger bread house he and I made the night before. Next time I'm sure we will make sure that she is fully awake before I leave.

Making the house

It collapsed a bit

Sera took a picture of him eating when she got up

1 comment:

Susan Stephens said...

That's great..."say cheese" he says!
You're dreaming, "sleep". I guess he has blackmail material for you now too!