Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Owen funnies

I have a document on my computer titled "Owen Sayings" in which I put all the funny and characteristic-like things that he does. These were the entries for today. I copied and pasted for you to enjoy too :).

Owen was standing on the chair and jumped off and said, “I jump!” I asked him to please not jump and he climbed back up and said, “I jump!” I said, “Please do not jump.” So he squatted down and kind of fell off the chair with a slight jumping action and said, “I fall-jump”. I said, “Owen did you disobey mama?” He said, “No- I fall. I fall-jump”.

We were on a walk outside and went to see the horses in the back pasture. They started to nip at each other a bit and make squealing sounds. He said, “It’s like a dinosaur.” I laughed and agreed.


Vickie Mumma said...

Thanks for sharing Owen's funny moments! They are priceless and we look forward to many more!

Susan Stephens said...

Yes...keep them coming! One day you can have as much fun as I've had with your funny moments (haha - to your dismay).