Monday, August 9, 2010


#1. My conversation with Owen first thing when I went to get him up in the morning:
Owen: It's cold outside (there was a lot of fog)
Me: Yes, it is cold outside
Owen: Horse, cold, too
Me (swelling with pride): Yes, you are right, the horses are probably cold too.
- He is so thoughtful.

#2. After a good 15 minute tantrum session because he couldn't have his binky. We have the following conversation as tear streaks run down his cheeks.
Owen: I'm crying
Me: I'm sorry. Why are you crying?
Owen: No binky
Me (trying my very hardest not to burst into laughter): I'm sorry you are crying but mommy said no binky.

#3. In the midst of chaos.
Owen: I want to watch choo-choo
Me: I'm sorry, we are not going to watch trains now.
Owen: I want to watch choo-choo T-T's house
Me: *laughing*
- T-T comes up a lot when I say no to ice-cream and now to watching choo-choo's (Thomas). He will also say, "Bye-bye T-T's car ice cream".

#4. While feeding the girls solids Owen brings me "his" baby doll.
Owen: Eat food too.
Me (giving her a "bite" of food): Here, she got some food.
Owen (trying to lift up my shirt): No, eat food too.
-Yes, I nursed his baby doll


Vickie Mumma said...

What precious stories Sera - thank you so much for sharing such sweet memories! So, is Owen taking after his daddy and loving his ice cream?! And I know T T loves to spoil her adorable nephew and nieces!
Sounds like Owen has a tender compassionate heart!

Susan Stephens said...

Those are great stories! Keep a log, and you can enjoy them for years and years to come (as you know I have). I never knew anyone that nursed a baby doll before though...I'll add that to YOUR log!!!