Friday, August 6, 2010

Our Silly Boy

In the midst of the inevitable chaos of having three small kiddos our home is filled with laughable moments. Owen amazes me with his creativity and humor. Here is some of the fun I happened to capture on "film".

Owen and the girls in line for solids. Owen likes to join when it is bananas but opts out when it is veggies :).

Owen feeding his "two babies"- as he calls them.

Owen loves to read books. He unloaded an entire shelf on Anabel and the couch then jumped up in the middle of it to read to himself.

Not really silly but cute. He still asks to ride horses on a daily basis.

This speaks for itself

The pages still look clean, don't they?

Yogurt popsicles strategy when I need fifteen min. He then rubbed the yogurt all over his arms and legs like lotion. My fifteen minutes cost me fifteen ;)

I love this one! I was trying to get a picture of them all with the blankets my grandmother gave them to send to her and the babies just weren't having it. Owen was very patient but the screaming was starting to get to him :).


Vickie Mumma said...

Love all the pictures and video! Looks like Anabel likes to read too! So sweet to see Owen feeding the "babies!" And Owen looks like quite the artist!

Susan Stephens said...

Nice job, Momma! I can't tell the 2 babies apart in the pic of "Owen line up for solids". They are both getting nice and plump (not fat, plump)! I wonder why boys are such messers? Send one of the pics of the kids with the blankets to grandma anyway, she'll like it!