Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life in pics

Adelyn hanging out with daddy

All smiles

Anabel and Owen having snuggle time

Playing with play-doh

The end of this batches' life


Different girls, different binkies

What Owen does with his free time while mama nurses

Anabel's first solids (sorry its tilted)

She ate it like a champ. Sometimes she seems really hungry after nursing and since she is four months now I thought she might need that little boost. I only give it to her when she seems hungry- so there is no set pattern yet. Adelyn seems fine on milk alone. Interesting note: although Adelyn is much bigger than Anabel she eats less- I think it is because Anabel is always wiggling that she is leaner and hungrier.

warmer days mean POPSICLES!!

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Vickie Mumma said...

Love the pictures! So cute to see Owen loving his sisters! And I love the way Adelyn is holding Anabel's arm-so sweet! Looks like Owen ate raisins as he played with playdoh? So funny! And you can tell that daddy adores his little angels!