Thursday, December 17, 2009

36 weeks!!

Me and the girls about a week and a half ago.
An illustrated picture of fraternal twins in the womb at 36 weeks. I remember looking at this pic, which is as far as they go, throughout my pregnancy and not able to think much more than, "Wow- that is big!". Now I'm here!

Matt and I on the eve of hitting 36 weeks (last night).

I am so, so incredibly thankful to the Lord for the fact that I made it to this important milestone in my pregnancy. 36 weeks and at least 5 lb. babies was always my goal from the beginning of my pregnancy- two weeks past what my doctor was originally happy with. We are so thankful!

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Amy said...

That's so exciting, Sera! Praise the Lord!
Keeping you and your daughters in my prayers. :-)