Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Some little doctor appointment updates:

On July 2 I had a NT scan (I think that is what it is called) that is a noninvasive test for down-syndrome. They did an extensive ultrasound and did some measurements that give them an idea if there are any problems. Those test came back normal which means most likely there is no down syndrome! However, the real fun part was being able to see both munchkins moving around (a lot!) and seeing how much they had grown in just a couple weeks. Baby B was moving around like a real little monkey and Baby A moved quite a bit but seemed more relaxed (it was the same way with the very first ultrasound at 9 weeks too). We'll see if that carries on at all :). The lady printed out some pictures for me and three out of the four were face shots. It was very cool to see their faces as they were moving but a the still shots didn't come out as nice. Anyway, I have a profile shot of one of them which is very fun to see!

Twin A's face

Twin A's profile

Twin B's face

Twin B's face

At my doctor's appointment on July 13 the doctor told me that they are fraternal because the ultrasound done on the second showed that the membrane between them is very thick. I've read that they could still be identical even with the thicker membrane but I can ask him that later. He said with certainty that they are fraternal. Also, my next appointment is not until Aug. 28 in which I should be able to find out the sexes :)!! I have to have ultrasounds done by a specialist that comes up once a month to Jackson. I am thankful for the fact that there will be more than one doctor on my case to assess problems/difficulties that may arise.

Owen eating breakfast

Owen's view as he eats breakfast

We are so incredibly thankful for the blessing it is to live here in Jackson and in our little apartment. The Lord has provided so much for us through living here in our little house.


Susan Stephens said...

The wee ones do look so much bigger in this ultrasound! We're so glad all of you are doing so well! I have a kiss waiting for you and all 3 youngsters when you come. (Yea, 2 kisses on your tummy, no objections allowed). :)

Vickie Mumma said...

How fun to see our grandchildren growing! Yes, all three of them! Can't wait to see you and Owen next week! Praying for you all! Love, Mom M.