Friday, July 10, 2009


Owen and Matt mowed the lawn together the other day. It was the cutest thing so I had to run outside to get pics. Owen sat great and enjoyed his special time.

Owen pointing at the horses just across the driveway. I can't really explain his love for the horses around us. Thankfully, he can see them out just about every window in our house. There are 10 total all around us!

This is the new little car we bought Owen at a yard sale for five dollars. I was so thankful because I was thinking that morning that I really wanted to get him one. He loves sitting in it and being pushed/pulled or pushing it himself.

This poppy next to our front door is kind of special to me. It bloomed right when I found out I was having twins and it is actually a "twin" poppy. There are two flowers that came out of the same bud.

The long awaited belly photo! This is at 12.5 weeks so it seems like I'm showing more quickly, which makes sense! I just hit 13 weeks yesterday and I'm starting to feel much, much better and am so thankful!

These are a couple videos of Owen walking. Right around when he turned 13 months (July 6) he decided to let go and really try to get places walking instead of crawling. He started taking steps between close things just a few days before his birthday but didn't really try to actually walk until now. He picked up on it pretty quick and has been able to go 10-15 feet at a time.

He got slightly upset that I kept moving away from him while I was taking the video :).

Right before I started taking this video I asked Owen, "Where are the horses?". The question got cut out but you can see him crawling frantically to the window after I asked him and pointing at them.

This is Owen with one of the horses he loves so dearly.


Susan Stephens said...

Really, really nice pictures and videos! He's thinned out quite a bit lately. He's quite the chatterbox too, isn't he? We'll have to show him horses when he comes here too :)

Vickie Mumma said...

So good to see Matt doing some work! (Just kidding, I know he is a hard worker!) Looks like Owen is going to be a little outside boy. He is absolutely adorable! And it's fun to see your little tummy growing! Keep the pictures/videos coming. We enjoy them so much!
Love, Mom M.