Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Owen's August Sayings

Here are all the things I wrote down for August since July was such a hit :). I realize some of them I seem to be writing to Owen and some I am writing about him. I will try to get my act together... later.

8/2/2011 Owen went over the gate and I heard screaming so I came to check. The scene was Anabel laying flat on the floor and Owen stepping over the top of her. I asked him why she was on the floor crying and his reply was, “I just went through her.”

8/3/2011 Owen runs right smack into the fish tank purposely and the fish scatter

Me: Owen, you can't hit the fish tank. It scares the fish.

Owen: They're scared now?

Me: Uh, huh

Owen: They want their mommies?

8/8/2011 We had to stop and wait on the road because a herd of bison was crossing the road. The first thing you said when I pointed them out to you was, “I want to shoot them!” As we dialogued about why you wanted to shoot them your reply was, “They are for shooting!” and again you said that you wanted to shoot them but also elaborated that you wanted to shoot them with a gun. We still aren’t sure exactly where you came up with this other than mommy and daddy talking to each other about hunting them but it had been a long, long time since that had happened.

8/14/2011 You woke up in the morning with a little bit of poop in your diaper. When dad asked you why you pooped in your diaper you replied, “I sneezed and then my poo-poo came out in the morning.”

8/29/2011You were told to go sit on your chair for squeezing Adelyn’s foot. I wasn’t sure if you were being outright intentionally cruel or not so I wasn’t sure if you should get disciplined or not. However, you insisted to daddy that you should get disciplined because you squeezed her foot.

8/ /2011 I was making bread and heard trickling in the sink. You were standing on the counter peeing straight into the sink with your face beaming with pride. A week or so later (8/29/2011) you were stripped naked in the mud room because you were playing in the puddles outside. You ran up the stairs faster than myself or sisters and came back to me beaming again that you had gone pee in the bathroom sink. Sure enough I had to clean it up!

8/30/2011- The girls and I came out of the greenhouse leaving you in it to catch an ant with your beloved jar. You come running out and I asked you if you caught an ant. You replied, “No, the ant said ‘No thank you’ so I didn’t catch him!”

8/30/2011- I did something I didn’t mean to do and I said “dang-it”. You replied, “Mommy, you shouldn’t say dang-it. You should say ‘*sigh*’ (or) ‘what happened?’ instead. You try again.” I complied and said “I’m sorry Owen. You are right. What happened?” You then encouraged me, “Good job mommy!”

8/31/2011- In a conversation about the previous night’s lightning storm in which you were afraid of the thunder you asked, “The lightning doesn’t like the loud thunder?”

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Susan Stephens said...

Great stuff! I esp. like the 8/30 entry when he corrected your "dang-it". He's a mini-counselor in the making. I better get my act thoroughly together before I come visit!!