Monday, June 13, 2011

Being blessed by John MacArthur

Our little church was incredibly blessed to have John MacArthur come to speak yesterday. He was in town for a meeting with some other staff and preached at our church while he was in town. It was SUCH a blessing having him here and was an incredible encouragement to have him commend our church plant both by his presence and by his words. He preached on Revelation 1 which is about how Christ is in the midst of his church. I literally cried through most of his message it was such a blessing to me. It was so encouraging to hear that in the midst of our hardest efforts and sacrifices, the blessings, and the pain that CHRIST is in our church.

Also, I got to meet him, thank him, and shake his hand for the first time. My life has been forever changed through God working through the ministry of this man and I am incredibly thankful. I well up with emotion every time I even think about him.

Such a huge blessing! You can hear his message to our little humble church recorded through our little humble recorder here. Just go to the podcast section on the right-hand side.

by the way- The picture credit goes to Tiffany and her iphone. Way to go T!!

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