Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some pics

A nightly routine. Dad, Owen, and per Owen's request: a "big" pile of books :) And as for Matt's funny outfit it is actually a pair of pajamas that is fully body with a goofy little flap on the back that says "bear bottom" and a picture of a bear :) p.s. I didn't fully get permission to post this... but I guess you can't actually see it :)

My little sweetheart (Adelyn)

My little beach beauty (and a sweetheart too)! (Anabel)

An beautiful early morning view with a full moon

Sometimes it is fun to remember the mundane. A normal day's end. It was really all in order only a few short hours before!


Chris and Becky Buczinski said...

so what is matt wearing in that first picture? some kind of red jumper?

mummasinJH said...

I explained it in the picture :)

Susan Stephens said...

Have Matt bring (or you bring!) the p.j.s in March. Maybe we can get a picture of him, Logan, and Andre all wearing them! MUST take a shot from behind, too :D The girls are getting TOO big!