Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Doctor's Stats

Yesterday we had the girls two month check up (a little past the two month mark). And wow, they are certainly growing!

weight: 10 lb 7 oz
height: 22.5 inches
head circumference: 37.2 (centimeters I think?)

weight: 9 lb 6 ounces
height: 22.5 inches
head circumference: 37.3 (centimeters?)

Adelyn was 8.13 weight last month and Anabel was 7.6 I believe. So basically, they are gaining weight very well. I was giving Anabel expressed milk for the last 2.5 weeks because she was not gaining weight well enough nursing alone as it was still hard for her to get it right. The doctor said that returning her to nursing was a good idea because it is so much easier and she is doing great now. I wasn't sure if she would nurse after taking a bottle for so long but she did better than ever this morning- and actually seemed full! Praise God!!

We are very thankful for two very healthy and happy little girls!


Susan Stephens said...

Amen and amen! You're doing a great job, Mommy and Daddy!!!

Vickie Mumma said...

So happy to hear Anabel is nursing again! It's great to hear how well they are growing too! Love you all!