Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big Brother

One of the sweetest parts of having our little girls here is to watch Owen turn instantly into a very caring, nurturing, and mostly gentle big brother. I wanted to share some moments that melted my heart:

~ Owen will often be holding Adelyn's or Anabel's hand while we drive places. He will also just rest his hand on their carseats.
~ When we start unloading kiddos out of the car once we are home Owen will often get upset when we get one girl and then "leave" the other in the car. He will start to cry and then point to the one still left in the car.
~ When Adelyn was crying once she was put in the car we were frantically looking for a binky to help calm her down. Owen offered her his own binky out of his own mouth- which normally is his greatest possession. He offered her his binky again today when she was crying and I couldn't attend to her immediately. Although I don't normally encourage binky sharing the fact that he would give up his own in order to offer comfort is such an act of kindness that it just made me so proud of him- especially knowing his own attachment to his binkies.
~ Anabel was crying in her swing as I finished nursing Adelyn and Owen went and offered every source of comfort he could think of including a binky, swinging her very gently, and giving her hugs and kisses. It was so sweet to see his genuine concern.

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Vickie Mumma said...

What a way to melt our hearts too! Owen is going to be such a protective big brother! Grandpa always said that Owen was going to be extra special! Love you all!