Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playing in the yard

I thought I would post some pictures of us playing in the yard on Saturday! A lot of family have not been able to see our place so I thought this would be a good opportunity! Grandma Mumma blessed us with a new camera since our old one broke so we went right off to taking pics!

Daddy and Owen on the bench next to the pond.

Owen standing on the fence line by our driveway. The fences around here are a real cool "western" design that I have never seen anywhere else. These fences are all around us and are the dominate fence structure here- they are beautiful!- if I can say that about a fence!

Daddy and Owen playing on the lawn with the mountains as the background, and also the fence :).

You can see our "little house" in the background. I know a lot of family have not been able to see it yet. We are so blessed to be able to live there and are so incredibly grateful!

Owen playing with the wagon handle. You can see Glory Bowl in the background (the tallest mountain closest to Owen). It is a big back-country ski spot. I hope we can hike up it this summer!

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Susan Stephens said...


Owen reminds me more and more of you, Sara. He looks so happy too. Thanks for all of the updates...I love them.